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AC 154
Access Chapter 3 Maintaining a Database
Click Clear All Filters on the
Advanced menu to clear the
existing fi lter.
Click the Advanced button on the
Home tab to display the Advanced
menu a second time.
Toggle Filter
Click Filter By Form on the
Advanced menu.
value for
Postal Code
Click the Postal Code fi eld, click
the arrow that appears, and then
click 80330.
Or tab allows you to enter
another criterion to be
combined with original
criterion using Or
Click the Amount Paid fi eld, click
the arrow that appears, and then
click 0 (Figure 3–19).
value for
Amount Paid
Amount Paid
box arrow
Is there any difference in the
process if I am viewing a table
in Datasheet view rather than in
Form view or in a split form?
In Datasheet view, you will
make your entries in a datasheet
rather than a form. Otherwise,
the process is the same.
Figure 3–19
Click the Toggle Filter button on
the Home tab to apply the fi lter
(Figure 3–20).
Select Filter By Form again and
enter different criteria. In each
case, toggle the fi lter to see the
effect of your selection. When
done, once again select those
clients whose postal code is 80330
and whose amount paid is 0.
Postal Code
is 80330
Amount Paid
is $0.00
only record
that is included
Figure 3–20
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