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Access Chapter 3 Maintaining a Database
Click the Toggle Filter button on
the Home tab to toggle the fi lter
and view the results. Click the
Client Form tab to view the Client
table (Figure 3–22).
Select Advanced Filter/Sort again
and enter different sorting
options and criteria. In each case,
toggle the fi lter to see the effect
of your selection. When done,
change back to the sorting options
and criteria you entered in Step 1.
fi ltered
Click Clear All Filters on the
Advanced menu.
Close the Client Form.
Figure 3–22
Filters and Queries
Filters and queries are related in three ways.
1. You can apply a fi lter to the results of a query just as you can apply a fi lter to a table.
2. When you have created a fi lter using either Filter By Form or Advanced Filter/
Sort, you can save the fi lter settings as a query by using the Save As Query
command on the Advanced menu.
3. You can restore fi lter settings that you previously saved in a query by using the
Load From Query command on the Advanced menu.
Changing the Database Structure
Moving a Field in a
Table Structure
If you add a fi eld to a
table and later realize
the fi eld is in the wrong
location, you can move
the fi eld. To do so, click
the row selector for the
fi eld and then drag the
fi eld to the new location.
When you initially create a database, you defi ne its structure ; that is, you assign names
and types to all the fi elds. In many cases, the structure you fi rst defi ne will not continue to
be appropriate as you use the database.
Perhaps a fi eld currently in the table no longer is necessary. If no one ever uses a
particular fi eld, it is not needed in the table. Because it is occupying space and serving no
useful purpose, you should remove it from the table. You also would need to delete the
fi eld from any forms, reports, or queries that include it.
More commonly, an organization will fi nd that it needs to maintain additional
information that was not anticipated at the time the database was fi rst designed. The
organization’s own requirements may have changed. In addition, outside regulations that
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