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Changing the Database Structure
AC 157
the organization must satisfy may change as well. In either case, the organization must add
additional fi elds to an existing table.
To make any of these changes, you fi rst must open the table in Design view.
If a fi eld in one of your tables no longer is needed; for example, it serves no useful
purpose or it may have been included by mistake, you should delete the fi eld. To delete a
fi eld you would use the following steps.
1. Open the table in Design view.
2. Click the row selector for the fi eld to be deleted.
3. Press the DELETE key.
4. When Access displays the dialog box requesting confi rmation that you want to delete
the fi eld, click the Yes button.
To Add a New Field
You can add fi elds to a table in a database. JSP Recruiters has decided that it needs to categorize its clients.
To do so requires an additional fi eld, Client Type. The possible values for Client Type are MED (which indicates
the client is a medical institution), DNT (which indicates the client is a dental organization), or LAB (which
indicates the client is a lab). The following steps add the Client Type to the Client table immediately after the
Postal Code fi eld.
Show the Navigation pane, and
then right-click the Client table to
display a shortcut menu.
Click Design View on the shortcut
menu to open the Client table in
Design view.
Client table open
in Design view
Click the row selector for the
Amount Paid fi eld, and then press
the INSERT key to insert a blank
row above the Amount Paid row
(Figure 3–23).
space for
new fi eld
Click the Field Name column for
the new fi eld. If necessary, erase
any text that appears.
row selector
Type Client Type as the fi eld
name and then press the TAB key.
Figure 3–23
Other Ways
1. Click Insert Rows button
on Ribbon
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