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Changing the Database Structure
AC 161
One client might need CNA, PA, Phy, and RN employees (Certifi ed Nursing Assistants,
Physician Assistants, Physicians, and Registered Nurses). Another client might only need
RTs (Respiratory Therapists).
To create a multivalued fi eld, create a Lookup fi eld being sure to check the Allow
Multiple Values check box. The following steps create a multivalued fi eld.
1 Click the row selector for the Amount Paid fi eld, and then press the INSERT key to insert a
blank row.
2 Click the Field Name column for the new fi eld, type Specialties Needed as the fi eld
name, and then press the DOWN ARROW key.
3 Click the Data Type column for the Specialties Needed fi eld, and then click Lookup Wizard
in the menu of available data types to start the Lookup Wizard.
4 Click the ‘I will type in the values that I want.’ option button to indicate that you will type
in the values.
5 Click the Next button to display the next Lookup Wizard screen.
6 Click the fi rst row of the table (below Col1), and then type CLS as the value in the fi rst row.
7 Enter the remaining values from the fi rst column in Table 3–1. Before typing each value,
press the TAB key to move to a new row.
8 Click the Next button to display the next Lookup Wizard screen.
9 Ensure Specialties Needed is entered as the label for the lookup column.
10 Click the Allow Multiple Values check box to allow multiple values.
11 Click the Finish button to complete the defi nition of the Lookup Wizard fi eld.
Modifying Table
You can change the
properties of a table
by opening the table in
Design view and then
clicking the Property
Sheet button on the
Table Tools tab. Access
will display the property
sheet for the table.
To display the records
in a table in an order
other than primary key
order (the default sort
order), use the Order By
property. For example, to
display the Client table
automatically in Client
Name order, click the
Order By property box,
type Client.Client Name
in the property box, close
the property sheet, and
save the change to the
table design. When you
open the Client table
in Datasheet view, the
records will be sorted in
Client Name order.
To Save the Changes and Close the Table
The following steps save the changes; that is, it saves the addition of the two new
fi elds and closes the table.
1 Click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar to save the changes.
2 Click the Close ‘Client’ button.
You may fi nd that you later want to change the list of choices in a Lookup fi eld. If
you fi nd you need to modify a single or multivalued Lookup fi eld you have created, you
can use the following steps.
1. Open the table in Design view and select the fi eld to be modifi ed.
2. Click the Lookup Tab in the fi eld properties.
3. Change the list in the Row Source property to change the desired list of values.
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