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Mass Changes
AC 163
Click the Run button on the
Design tab to run the query and
update the records (Figure 3–30).
Why don’t I click the View button
to update the records?
The purpose of the View button is
to simply view results. The Run
button causes the updates specifi ed
by the query to take place.
Run button
Microsoft Offi ce
Access dialog box
message indicates 10
rows will be updated
Why doesn’t the dialog box
appear on my screen when I click
the Run button?
If the dialog box does not appear,
it means that you did not choose
the Enable this content option
button when you fi rst opened
the database. Close the database,
open it again, and enable the
content in the Microsoft Offi ce
Security Options dialog box. Then,
create and run the query again.
Yes button
Create an Update query to change
the client type to DNT. Enter a
criterion to restrict the records to be
updated, and then run the query. Open the table to view your changes. When fi nished, create and run an Update query
to change the client type to MED on all records.
Figure 3–30
Click the Yes button to make the changes.
Other Ways
1. Right-click any open area in
upper pane, point to Query
Type on shortcut menu,
click Update Query on
Query Type submenu
To Use a Delete Query
In some cases, you may need to delete several records at a time. If, for example, all clients in a particular postal
code are to be serviced by another fi rm, the clients with this postal code can be deleted from the JSP Recruiters
database. Instead of deleting these clients individually, which could be very time-consuming in a large database, you can
delete them in one operation by using a delete query , which is a query that will delete all the records satisfying the
criteria entered in the query.
You can preview the data to be deleted in a delete query before actually performing the deletion. To do so, click
the View button after you create the query, but before you run it. The records to be deleted then would appear in
Datasheet view. To delete the records, click the View button again to change to Design view. Click the Run button,
and then click the Yes button in the Microsoft Offi ce Access dialog box when asked if you want to delete the records.
The following steps use a delete query to delete any client whose postal code is 80412 without fi rst previewing
the data to be deleted. (Only one such client currently exists in the database.)
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