Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
The Windows XP Desktop
WIN 13
Double-click the
My Computer icon
on the desktop by
quickly pressing and
releasing the left
mouse button twice
without moving the
mouse (Figure 1–14).
My Computer
My Computer
icon and
window title
identifi es the
My Computer is active
window - the active
window is the window
that currently is selected
Maximize and
Close buttons
Buttons toolbar
menu bar
Address bar
What is displayed in
the taskbar
button area?
The recessed
dark blue My
Computer button
is displayed in the
taskbar button area.
three areas
in left pane
three groups
of icons in
right pane
What does the My
Computer window
allow me to do?
The My Computer
window allows you
to view the contents
of the computer.
double up arrow
button indicates the
area is expanded
the four objects
shown in the window
are called out on the
status bar
status bar
recessed dark blue
My Computer button
Figure 1–14
Other Ways
1. Right-click desktop icon,
click Open on shortcut
2. Press WINDOWS+E
The My Computer Window
Clicking the icon at the left on the title bar will display the System menu , which
contains commands to carry out the actions associated with the My Computer window.
On the far right of the title bar are the Minimize button, Maximize button, and Close
button that can be used to specify the size of the window or close the window. The menu
bar is below the title bar and contains a list of menu names: File, Edit, View, Favorites,
Tools, and Help.
The Standard Buttons toolbar is displayed below the menu bar and allows you to
perform often-used tasks more quickly than when you use the menu bar. Each button on
the Standard Buttons toolbar contains an icon. Three buttons contain a text label (Back,
Search, and Folders) that identifi es the function of the button.
The Address bar below the Standards Buttons toolbar allows you to start an
application, display a document, open another window, and search for information on
the Internet. The Address bar shown in Figure 1–14 displays the Address box containing
the My Computer icon, window title, down arrow, and Go button.
The area below the Address bar is divided into two panes. The System Tasks,
Other Places, and Details areas are displayed in the left pane. A button appears to the
right of the title in each area to indicate whether the area is expanded or collapsed. A
button identifi ed by a double up arrow indicates the area is expanded. A button
identifi ed by a double down arrow indicates the area is collapsed. When you click the double
The Contents of the
My Computer Window
Because windows can be
easily customized, your My
Computer window may
not resemble the window
shown in Figure 1–14.
For example, different
toolbars may display
below the menu bar, icons
may display smaller, icons
may not be grouped, and
different areas may be
displayed in the left pane
of the window.
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