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Validation Rules AC 173
Click the down arrow to display
the drop-down list of available
choices for the Client Type fi eld
(Figure 3–45).
Could I type the value instead of
selecting it from the list?
Yes. Once you have either deleted
the previous value or selected the
entire previous value, you can
begin typing. You do not have to type
the full entry. When you begin with the
letter, D, for example, Access will automatically add the NT.
value to
select (DNT)
list of available
Figure 3–45
Select the Client Type fi eld on the fi rst record. Try to change the client type by typing various values.
Try to type an invalid Client Type (like SPT). When fi nished, change the value on the record to MED.
Click DNT to change the value.
In a similar fashion, change MED
on the ninth record to LAB
(Figure 3–46).
Figure 3–46
To Use a Multivalued Lookup Field
Using a multivalued Lookup fi eld is similar to using a regular Lookup fi eld. The difference is that when you
drop down the list, the entries all will be preceded by check boxes. You then can check all the entries that you want.
The appropriate entries are shown in Figure 3–47. As indicated in the fi gure, the specialties needed for client AC34
are CNA, PA, Phy, and RN.
Figure 3–47
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