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Windows XP Chapter 1 Introduction to Microsoft Windows XP
up arrow button, the area collapses. When you click the double down arrow button, the
area expands and the entire contents of the area are visible.
Pointing to a task in the System Tasks area or a folder name in the Other Places
area underlines the task or folder name and displays the task or folder name in light blue.
Underlined text, such as the task and folder names, is referred to as a hyperlink , or simply
a link . Pointing to a link changes the mouse pointer to a hand icon, and clicking a link
displays information associated with the link.
The right pane of the My Computer window contains three groups of icons. The
Files Stored on This Computer group contains the Shared Documents and Brad Wilson’s
Documents folder icons. The Hard Disk Drives group contains the Local Disk C drive
icon. The Devices with Removable Storage group contains the DVD-RW Drive D drive
icon and label.
Organizing Windows
Window management on
the Windows XP desktop
is important in order
to keep the desktop
uncluttered. You will
fi nd yourself frequently
minimizing windows and
then later reopening
them with a click of a
button in the taskbar
button area.
To Minimize and Redisplay a Window
The Minimize and the Maximize buttons on the title bar of a window, allow you to control the way a window
is displayed on the desktop. The following steps minimize and then redisplay the My Computer window.
Click the Minimize button on the
title bar of the My Computer
window to minimize the My Computer
window (Figure 1–15).
What happens to the My Computer
window when I click the Minimize
The My Computer window is still
available, but it is no longer the
active window.
medium blue My
Computer button
shows that My
Computer window
is reduced to a
button on the
Figure 1–15
Click the My Computer button in
the taskbar button area to display
the My Computer window
(Figure 1–16).
Why does the My Computer
button on the taskbar change?
After you click it, the My Computer
button on the taskbar is recessed
and the color is medium blue to
indicate that the My Computer
window is the active window. Notice
too that when you move the mouse
pointer off the taskbar button the
button changes to dark blue, just
like the title bar of the My Computer
My Computer
window is active
My Computer
button is
mouse pointer
is displayed
Other Ways
1. Click icon on left side of
title bar, click Minimize
2. Right-click title bar, click
3. Press WINDOWS+M
Figure 1–16
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