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AC 174
Access Chapter 3 Maintaining a Database
The following steps make the appropriate entries for the Specialties Needed fi eld.
Click the Specialties Needed fi eld
on the fi rst record to display
the arrow.
Specialties Needed fi eld
on fi rst record selected
Click the arrow to display the
list of available specialties
(Figure 3–48).
All the specialties currently appear
in the box. What if there were too
many specialties to fi t?
Access would automatically
include a scroll bar that you
could use to scroll through all
the choices.
check boxes
to select
list of available
Figure 3–48
Click the CNA, PA, Phy, and
RN check boxes to select the
specialties for the fi rst client
(Figure 3–49).
OK button
Figure 3–49
Click the OK button to complete
the selection.
Using the same technique,
enter the specialties given in
Figure 3–47 on the previous
page for the remaining clients
(Figure 3–50).
all specialties
Figure 3–50
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