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AC 176
Access Chapter 3 Maintaining a Database
Use the same technique to resize
all the other fi elds to best fi t
the data. To resize the Amount
Paid, Current Due, and Recruiter
Number fi elds, you will need to
scroll the fi elds by clicking the
right scroll arrow shown in
Figure 3–52 on the previous page
(Figure 3-53).
Save the changes to the layout by
clicking the Save button on the
Quick Access Toolbar.
Figure 3–53
Close the Client table.
What if I closed the table without saving the layout changes?
You would be asked if you want to save the changes.
Other Ways
1. Right-click fi eld name,
click Column Width
To Include Totals in a Datasheet
It is possible to include totals and other statistics at the bottom of a datasheet in a special row called the
Total row. The following steps display the total of the commissions and the average of the rates for recruiters in
the Total row.
Open the Recruiter
table in Datasheet
view and hide the
Navigation pane.
Home tab
Totals button
Click the Totals
button on the Home
tab to include the
Total row in the
(Figure 3–54).
Total row
Figure 3–54
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