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Access Chapter 3 Maintaining a Database
To Remove Totals from a Datasheet
If you no longer want the totals to appear as part of the datasheet, you can remove the Total row. The following
step removes the Total row.
Click the Totals button on the Home tab to remove the Total row from the datasheet.
Changing the Appearance of a Datasheet
In addition to resizing columns and displaying totals, you can change the appearance of a
datasheet in a variety of other ways. For example, you can change the appearance of
gridlines or change the text colors and font. Figure 3–57 shows the various buttons, found on
the Home tab, that are available to change the Datasheet appearance.
Align Text
Left button
Font Size box
Font box
Center button
Align Text
Right button
Bold button
Alternate Fill/Back
Color button
Font Color
Fill/Back Color
Figure 3–57
The changes to the datasheet will be refl ected not only on the screen, but also when
you print or preview the datasheet.
Determine whether changes to the format of a datasheet are desirable.
You need to decide if changes to the format of a datasheet would improve its appearance
and/or its usefulness. The following are the decisions you would make.
1. Would totals or other calculations be useful in the datasheet? If so, include the Total row
and select the appropriate computations.
2. Would different gridlines make the datasheet more useful? If so, change to the desired
3. Would alternating colors in the rows make them easier to read? If so, change the
alternate fi ll color.
4. Would a different font and/or font color make the text stand out better? If so, change
the font color and/or the font.
5. Is the font size appropriate? Can you see enough data at one time on the screen and yet
have the data be readable? If not, change the font size to an appropriate value.
6. Is the column spacing appropriate? Are some columns wider than they need to be? Are
there some columns where not all the data is visible? If so, change the column size.
As a general guideline, once you have decided on a particular look for a datasheet, all
your datasheets should have the same look, unless there is a compelling reason for one of
your datasheets to differ.
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