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Multivalued Field in Queries
AC 181
Using the Datasheet Formatting Dialog Box
As an alternative to using the individual buttons, you can click the Datasheet
Formatting arrow, shown in Figure 3–61, to display the Datasheet Formatting dialog box
(Figure 3–62). You can use the various options within the dialog box to make changes to
the datasheet format. Once you are fi nished, click the OK button to apply your changes.
Datasheet Formatting
dialog box
check boxes
for gridlines
option buttons
for cell effects
Gridline Color
Background Color
Border and
Line Styles
option buttons
for direction
Figure 3–62
To Close the Datasheet Without Saving the Format Changes
The following steps show how to close the datasheet without saving the changes to
the format. Because the changes are not saved, the next time you open the Recruiter table
it will appear in the original format. If you had saved the changes, the changes would be
refl ected in its appearance.
1 Click the Close ‘Recruiter’ button to close the Recruiter table.
2 Click the No button in the Microsoft Offi ce Access dialog box when asked if you want to
save your changes.
Multivalued Field in Queries
You can use multivalued fi elds in queries just as you can use other fi elds. You have a choice
concerning how the multiple values appear. You can choose to have them on a single row
or on multiple rows.
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