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Access Chapter 3 Maintaining a Database
To Query a Multivalued Field Showing Multiple Values on a Single Row
To include a multivalued fi eld in the results of a query, place the fi eld in the design grid just like any other
fi eld. The results will list all of the values for the multivalued fi eld on a single row, just as in a datasheet. The
following steps create a query to display the client number, client name, client type, and specialties needed for all
Create a query for the Client table
and hide the Navigation pane.
Include the Client Number, Client
Name, Client Type, and Specialties
Needed fi elds (Figure 3–63).
position to click for
Specialties Needed fi eld
multivalued fi eld (on
any record, there may be
more than one value)
single-valued fi elds
(on each record, there
is only one value)
Figure 3–63
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