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Multivalued Field in Queries
AC 183
View the results (Figure 3–64).
Can I include criteria for the
multivalued fi eld?
You can include criteria for the
multivalued fi eld when all the
entries are displayed on a single row.
Return to Design view and enter
various criteria in the Specialties
Needed fi eld. Run the queries.
When fi nished, return to the
options selected in this step.
Figure 3–64
To Query a Multivalued Field Showing Multiple Values on Multiple Rows
You may be interested in those clients requiring a particular specialty, for example, those clients needing an
RN. Unfortunately, you cannot simply put the desired specialty in the Criteria row just as you would with other
fi elds. Instead you need to change the query so that each specialty occurs on a different row by using the Value
property. Once you have done so, you can enter criteria just as you would in any other query.
The following steps use the Value property to display each specialty on a separate row.
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