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AC 184
Access Chapter 3 Maintaining a Database
Return to Design view and ensure
the Client Number, Client Name,
Client Type, and Specialties
Needed fi elds are selected.
Click the Specialties Needed fi eld
to produce an insertion point,
and then type a period and the
word Value after the word,
Needed, to use the Value property
(Figure 3–65).
I don’t see the word, Specialties.
Did I do something wrong?
No. There is not enough room to
display the entire name. If you
wanted to see it, you could point
to the right boundary of the
column selector and then either drag
or double-click.
position to click for
Specialties Needed.Value
only fi nal portion of
fi eld name appears
Figure 3–65
Do I need to type the word Value?
No. You also can double-click the second Specialties Needed entry in the fi eld list.
View the results (Figure 3–66).
Can I now include criteria for the
multivalued fi eld?
Yes. This is now just like any other
query. There are no multiple
values on any row.
Close ‘Query1’
each row contains
only one specialty
Close the query by clicking the
Close ‘Query1’ button.
When asked if you want to save
the query, click the No button.
The four specialties needed by
client AC34 now appear on four
rows. (In the previous query, they
appeared on a single row.)
Figure 3–66
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