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AC 188
Access Chapter 3 Maintaining a Database
Click the Cascade Update Related
Fields check box (Figure 3–70).
The Cascade check boxes were
dim until I clicked the Enforce
Referential Integrity check box. Is
that correct?
Yes. Until you have chosen to
enforce referential integrity, the
cascade options have no meaning.
Edit Relationships
dialog box
Recruiter Number
fi elds used to
relate tables
Create button
Can I change the join type like I
can in queries?
Yes. Click the Join Type button in
the Edit Relationships dialog box.
Just as with queries, option
button 1 creates an INNER join,
option button 2 creates a LEFT
join, and option button 3 creates a
RIGHT join.
Enforce Referential
Integrity selected
Join Type button
Cascade Update
Related Fields
Cascade Delete
Related Records
not selected
Figure 3–70
Click the Create button to
complete the creation of the
relationship (Figure 3–71).
Save button
What is the symbol at the lower
end of the join line?
It is the mathematical symbol
for infi nity. It is used here to
denote the “many” end of the
Report button
“one” part of
the relationship
Can I print a copy of the
Yes. Click the Relationship Report
button on the Design tab to
produce a report of the relationship.
You can print the report. You also
can save it as a report in the
database for future use. If you do not
want to save it, close the report
after you have printed it and do
not save the changes.
relationship line
one recruiter
is related to
many clients
“many” part of
the relationship
Figure 3–71
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