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Referential Integrity
AC 189
Click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar to save the relationship you created.
Close the Relationships window by clicking the Close ‘Relationships’ button.
Can I later modify the relationship if I want to change it in some way?
Yes. Click the Relationships button on the Database Tools tab. To add another table, click the Show Table button on the
Design tab. To remove a table, click the Hide table button. To edit a relationship, select the relationship and click the
Edit Relationships button.
Effect of Referential Integrity
Referential integrity now exists between the Recruiter and Client tables. Access
now will reject any number in the Recruiter Number fi eld in the Client table that does
not match a Recruiter number in the Recruiter table. Attempting to change the recruiter
number for a client to one that does not match any recruiter in the Recruiter table would
result in the error message shown in Figure 3–72. Similarly, attempting to add a client
whose recruiter number does not match would lead to the same error message.
no recruiter with this
number exists in the
Recruiter table
Microsoft Offi ce
Access dialog box
error message
Figure 3–72
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