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Windows XP Chapter 1 Introduction to Microsoft Windows XP
To Close a Window
You can click the Close button on the title bar of a window to close the window and remove the taskbar button
from the taskbar. The following step closes the My Computer window.
Click the Close button on the title
bar of the My Computer window
to close the My Computer window
(Figure 1–19).
My Computer
closes and
button is no
longer displayed
What happens to the My Computer
window when I click the Close
The My Computer window closes
and the My Computer button no
longer is displayed in the taskbar
button area.
Figure 1–19
Other Ways
1. Click icon on left side of
title bar, click Close
2. Right-click title bar, click
Close on shortcut menu
3. Press ALT + F 4
To Open a Window Using the Start Menu
Previously, you opened the My Computer window by double-clicking the My Computer icon on the desktop.
Another method of opening a window and viewing the contents of the window is to click a command on the Start
menu. The following steps open the My Documents window using the My Documents command on the Start menu.
Display the Start menu (Figure 1–20).
Start menu
My Documents
dark green
Start button
Figure 1–20
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