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AC 199
Figure 3–81
Submit the revised database in the format specifi ed by your instructor.
In the Lab
Design, create, modify, and/or use a database following the guidelines, concepts, and skills
presented in this chapter. Labs are listed in order of increasing diffi culty.
Lab 1: Maintaining the JMS TechWizards Database
Problem: JMS TechWizards is expanding rapidly and needs to make some database changes to handle
the expansion. The company needs to know more about its clients, such as the type of business, and it
needs to ensure that data that is entered is valid. It also needs to update the records in the database.
Instructions: Use the database created in the In the Lab 1 of Chapter 1 on page AC 67 for this
assignment or see your instructor for information on accessing the fi les required for this topic.
Perform the following tasks:
1. Open the JMS TechWizards database and then open the Client table in Design view.
2. Add a Lookup fi eld, Client Type, to the Client table. The fi eld should appear after the Telephone
Number fi eld. The fi eld will contain data on the type of client. The client types are MAN
(Manufacturing), RET (Retail), and SER (Service). Save these changes to the structure.
3. Using a query, change all the entries in the Client Type column to RET. Save the query as Client
Type Update Query.
4. Open the Client table and make the following changes. You can use either the Find button or Filter
By Selection to locate the records to change:
a. Change the client type for clients AM53 and SA56 to MAN.
b. Change the client type for clients GR56, JE77, and ME17 to SER.
c. Change the name of client SA56 to Sawyer Industries.
d. Change the name of client ST21 to Steed’s Department Store.
5. Resize all columns to best fi t the data and remove the vertical gridlines. Save the changes to the
layout of the table.
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