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The Windows XP Desktop
WIN 17
My Documents window is the
central location for the storage
and management of documents
Click My Documents on the
Start menu to display the My
Documents window (Figure 1–21).
right pane contains
three folder icons
What happens if I click a folder icon
in the right pane?
The icon is highlighted and the
left pane might change.
left pane contains
three areas, each
containing a title
and two areas
containing tasks
What happens if I
double-click a folder
icon in the right pane?
The contents of the
folder are displayed in
the right pane, and the information
in the left pane is changed.
Details area is collapsed
and can be displayed by
clicking the double down
arrow button
recessed dark blue My Documents
button indicates the My Documents
window is the active window
Figure 1–21
Other Ways
1. Click Start button,
rightclick My Documents
icon, click Open on
shortcut menu
To Move a Window by Dragging
Drag means you point to an item, hold down the left mouse button, move the item to the desired location, and
then release the left mouse button. You can move any open window to another location on the desktop by pointing
to the title bar of the window and then dragging the window. The following steps drag the My Documents window
to the center of the desktop.
Point to the My Documents window
title bar.
drag My Documents window
title bar to center of desktop
Hold down the left mouse button,
move the mouse so the window
moves to the center of the desktop,
and release the left mouse button
(Figure 1–22).
Details area is
double down
arrow button
Figure 1–22
Other Ways
1. Click icon on left side
of title bar, click Move,
drag window
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