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AC 204
Access Chapter 3 Maintaining a Database
Cases and Places continued
•• 4: Updating Your Contacts Database
Make It Personal
Use the contacts database you created in Cases and Places 4 in Chapter 1 on page AC 71 for this
assignment, or see your instructor for information on accessing the fi les required for this topic.
Consider your own personal job situation. Has the focus of your job search changed? Are there specifi c
jobs within the companies of interest that appeal to you? Have you contacted an individual within a
company to express your interest? Create a multivalued fi eld to store those specifi c positions that would
interest you. Review the fi elds in the contacts database. Are there any fi elds you need to add? Are there
any fi elds you need to delete? Are there any tables that need to be deleted? Are there companies that
need to be added to your database? Make any necessary changes to your database structure and update
the database. Using a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word, explain what changes you
made to your database and why you made the changes. Submit the Word document and the revised
database in the format specifi ed by your instructor.
•• 5: Understanding Action Queries, Query Wizards, and Table Design Changes
Working Together
With a make-table query, a user can create a new table from one or more tables in the database. The
table can be stored in the same database or a new database. As a team, use the Access Help system
to learn more about make-table queries. Then, choose either the Cases and Places 1 database or the
Cases and Places 2 database and create a make-table query. For example, for the Hockey Fan Zone,
the management could create a table named Supplier Call List that would include the item code,
description, and cost of each item as well as the supplier name and telephone number. Write a
onepage paper that (1) explains the purpose for which the new table is intended and (2) suggests at least
two additional uses for make-table queries. Submit the paper and the database in the format specifi ed
by your instructor.
Open the Students database that you created in Chapter 1. As a team, review the data types for
each of the fi elds that are in the database. Do any of these data types need to be changed? For example,
is there a fi eld that should store multiple values? Are there any fi elds that should contain validation
rules? Change the data types and add validation rules as necessary. Examine the tables in your database.
Delete any tables that you do not need. Write a one-page paper that explains your reasons for changing
(or not changing) the structure of the database. Submit the paper and the database in the format
specifi ed by your instructor.
Save the Ada Beauty Supply database as AdaTeam Beauty Supply. Research the purpose of the
Find Unmatched Query Wizard and the Find Duplicates query Wizard. Use the AdaTeam database
and create queries using each of these wizards. Did the queries perform as expected? Open each query
in Design view and modify it, for example, add another fi eld to the query. What happened to the query
results? Write a one-page paper that explains the purpose of each query wizard and describes the team’s
experiences with creating and modifying the queries. Submit the paper and database in the format
specifi ed by your instructor.
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