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AC 208
Access Integration Feature Sharing Data Among Applications
better way is to publish the report as either a PDF or XPS (XML Paper Specifi cation) fi le. A
user with the appropriate software then can view and print the fi le. In Figure 2c, the report
appears in the XML Paper Specifi cation viewer. It looks just as it does in Access.
Excel worksheet contains data
from Recruiter-Client query
Word table contains data
from Recruiter-Client query
(a) Recruiter-Client Query Worksheet
Table in
XML Paper
Specifi cation Viewer
Bubble height
One line bubbles - 1p1
Two-line bubbles - 1p8
Three-line bubbles - 2p3
Four-line bubbles - 2p10
COMP: Make sure arrows
are pointing precisely where
the Art MS indicates - they
cannot even be slightly off
(c) XPS Version of Recruiter Financial Report
Figure 2
JSP Recruiters also would like to export the Client and Recruiter tables in such a
way that they can be imported easily to a database used by a related organization, JSP
Consulting, that handles various accounting functions for JSP Recruiters. The users have
learned that the easiest way to do this is to use XML (Extensible Markup Language),
which is a language that defi nes data records on a page, allowing for exchange of data
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