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Access Integration Feature Sharing Data Among Applications
To Import an Excel Worksheet
After Camashaly managers identifi ed that a worksheet named Computer Items contains data that should be
in a table in the database, they would import the data. You import a worksheet by using the Import Spreadsheet
Wizard. In the process, you will indicate that the fi rst row in the Computer Items worksheet contains the column
headings. These column headings then will become the fi eld names in the Access table. In addition, you will indicate
the primary key for the table. As part of the process, you could, if appropriate, choose not to include all the fi elds
from the worksheet in the resulting table.
The following steps import the Computer Items Excel worksheet.
Click External Data on the Ribbon
to display the External Data tab
(Figure 3).
Access button
(import from
Access database)
Data tab
COMP: Make sure arrows
are pointing precisely where
the Art MS indicates - they
cannot even be slightly off
Text File button
(import from
text fi le)
default table
Excel button
(import from
Excel workbook)
XML File button
(import from
XML fi le)
database open
Figure 3
Click the Excel button
in the Import group
on the External Data
tab to display the Get
External Data – Excel
dialog box.
Get External Data - Excel
Spreadsheet dialog box
Computer Items
workbook selected
Click the Browse
button in the Get
External Data – Excel
dialog box.
drive E: selected
Browse button
button to
import data
into a new
If necessary, click the
Look in box arrow
and then click
UDISK 2.0 (E:) to
select the USB fl ash
drive in the Look in
list as the new open
location. (Your drive
letter might be
option button to
import data into
an existing table
OK button
option button to
link table to the
workbook data
Click the Computer
Items workbook, and
then click the Open
button to select the
workbook (Figure 4).
Figure 4
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