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Windows XP Chapter 1 Introduction to Microsoft Windows XP
To Expand an Area
The Details area in the My Documents window is collapsed and a double down arrow button appears to the
right of the Details title. The following step expands the Details area in the left pane of the My Documents window.
Click the double down arrow button
in the Details area to expand the
Details area in the left pane of
the My Documents window
(Figure 1–23).
What happens when I click the
double up arrow?
Only the area title and a double
down arrow are displayed.
top of left pane is
no longer visible
up scroll
scroll bars appear when the
contents of a pane or window
are not completely visible
double up
double down arrow
button changes to double
up arrow button
Details area
window title and folder
type are displayed in the
expanded Details area
Figure 1–23
To Scroll Using Scroll Arrows
Another method of viewing information that is not visible in a window is to scroll in the window. Scrolling
can be accomplished in three ways: (1) click the scroll arrows; (2) click the scroll bar; and (3) drag the scroll box.
The following steps scroll the left pane using the scroll arrows.
Click the up scroll arrow two times
on the vertical scroll bar to scroll
the left pane down (Figure 1–24).
Why doesn’t my window include a
scroll bar?
If your window was resized the
last time it was opened, it may not
include a scroll bar.
up scroll
text previously not
visible is now visible
Is scrolling a window the best way
to view objects in a window?
Sometimes it is your only option
but maximizing the window is
more effi cient.
left pane
scrolls down
Figure 1–24
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