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Importing Or Linking Data From Other Applications To Access AC 219
To import data from or link data to a text fi le, you would use the following steps.
1. Click the Text File button in the Import group on the External Data tab.
2. Select the text fi le containing the data to be imported.
3. Be sure the ‘Import the source into a new table in the current database’ option button
is selected if you wish to create a new table. Click the ‘Append a copy of the records
to the table’ option button if you wish to add to an existing table, and then select the
table. Click the ‘Link to the data source by creating a linked table’ option button if
you wish to link the data. Once you have selected the correct option button, click the
OK button.
4. Select the Delimited option button for a delimited fi le or the Fixed Width option
button for a fi xed-width fi le, and then click the Next button.
5a. For a delimited fi le, select the character that delimits the fi eld values. If you know
the fi le uses a text qualifi er, which is a symbol used to enclose character values, select
either the double quotation mark (“) or the single quotation mark (‘). If the fi rst row
contains fi eld names, click the First Row contains Field Names check box. Once you
have made your selections, click the Next button.
5b. For a fi xed-width fi le, review the structure that Access recommends. If the recommended
structure is not appropriate, follow the directions on the screen to add, remove, or adjust
the lines. Once you have fi nished, click the Next button.
You can use the next screen if you need to change properties of one or more fi elds.
When fi nished, click the Next button.
If you are importing, select the appropriate primary key, and then click the Next
button. If you are linking, you will not have an opportunity to select a primary key.
Be sure the table name is correct, and then click the Finish button to import or link
the data. Decide if you wish to save the import steps.
Using Saved Import Steps
You can use a set of saved import steps from within Access by clicking the Saved
Imports button on the External Data tab. You then will see the Manage Data Tasks dialog
box, as shown in Figure 13 on the next page. Select the set of saved import steps you want
to repeat. (In this case only the import named Import-Computer Items exists.) Click the
Run button to repeat the import steps you saved earlier. If you have created an Outlook
task, you can schedule the import operation just as you schedule any other Outlook task.
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