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AC 220
Access Integration Feature Sharing Data Among Applications
Manage Data
Tasks dialog box
Bubble height
One line bubbles - 1p1
Two-line bubbles - 1p8
Three-line bubbles - 2p3
Four-line bubbles - 2p10
External Data tab
COMP: Make sure arrows
are pointing precisely where
the Art MS indicates - they
cannot even be slightly off
Saved Imports tab
Saved Imports button
name of saved
import steps
description of
saved import steps
clicking Close button
closes dialog box
without running the
saved import steps
Run button
clicking deletes
the selected saved
import steps
Figure 13
Exporting Data From Access to Other Applications
Exporting is the process of copying database objects to another database, to a worksheet,
or to some other format so another application (for example, Excel) can use the data.
Businesses need the fl exibility of using the same data in different applications. For
example, numerical data in a table exported to Excel could be analyzed using Excel’s
powerful statistical functions. Data also could be exported as an RTF fi le for use in
marketing brochures.
To Open a Database
Before exporting the JSP Recruiters data, you fi rst must open the database. The
following steps open the database.
1 With your USB fl ash drive connected to one of the computer’s USB ports, click the More
button to display the Open dialog box.
2 If necessary, click the Look in box arrow and then click UDISK 2.0 (E:) to select the USB fl ash
drive in the Look in list as the new open location. (Your drive letter might be different.)
3 Click JSP Recruiters to select the fi le name.
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