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Exporting Data From Access to Other Applications
AC 221
4 Click the Open button to open the database.
5 If a Security Warning appears, click the Options button to display the Microsoft Offi ce
Security Options dialog box.
6 Click the ‘Enable this content’ option button and then click the OK button to enable
the content.
To Export Data to Excel
Once JSP Recruiters has decided to make the Recruiter-Client Query available to Excel users, it needs to
export the data. To export data to Excel, select the table or query to be exported, and then click the Excel button in
the Export group on the External Data tab. The following steps export the Client-Recruiter Query to Excel and save
the export steps.
Click the Recruiter-Client Query in
the Navigation pane to select it.
Word button
(export to Word fi le)
Data tab
COMP: Make sure arrows
are pointing precisely where
the Art MS indicates - they
cannot even be slightly off
Saved Exports button
(export by using saved
set of export steps)
Click External Data on the Ribbon
to display the External Data tab
(Figure 14).
Excel button (export
to Excel workbook)
Text File button
(export to text fi le)
button (export to
PDF or XPS fi le)
Query selected
Figure 14
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