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Exporting Data From Access to Other Applications
AC 223
Click the OK button
to export the data
(Figure 16).
Click the Save export
steps check box to
display the Save
export steps options.
message indicates
that the export
process is complete
If necessary,
Query in the Save as
text box.
check box to save
export steps
Type Export the
Query without
formatting in the
Description text box.
Click the Save Export
button to save the
export steps.
Close button
Figure 16
Other Ways
1. Right-click database
object in Navigation
pane, point to Export,
click appropriate
fi le format
To Export Data to Word
Once JSP Recruiters has decided to also make the Recruiter-Client Query available
to Word, it needs to export the data. There is a problem, however. It is not possible to
export data to the standard Word format. It is possible, however to export the data as an
RTF (rich text fi le), which Word can access. The following steps export the data to an
RTF fi le. They do not save the export steps.
1 With the Recruiter-Client Query selected in the Navigation pane and the External Data tab
appearing on the screen, click the Word button in the Export group on the External Data
tab to display the Export - RTF fi le dialog box.
2 Select your USB drive as the fi le location and make sure that Recruiter-Client Query is the
fi le name.
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