Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
The Windows XP Desktop
WIN 19
Click the up scroll arrow two more
times to move the scroll box to the
top of the scroll bar (Figure 1–25).
contents at top
of left pane
are displayed
up scroll
scroll box
Figure 1–25
To Size a Window by Dragging
You can change the size of the window by dragging the border of a window, as the following steps demonstrate.
Point to the bottom border of the
My Documents window until
the mouse pointer changes to a
two-headed arrow.
Drag the bottom
border downward until the Details
area on your desktop resembles the
Details area shown in
Figure 1–26.
Can I drag other borders to enlarge
the window?
You can drag the left, right, top,
and bottom borders and any
window corner.
scroll bar no longer
is displayed
double up
arrow button
Details area
is visible
arrow dragged
Figure 1–26
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