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Exporting Data From Access to Other Applications
AC 225
To Publish a Report
At JSP Recruiters, the staff would like to make the Recruiter Financial Report available through e-mail,
which they can do by publishing the report as either a PDF or XPS fi le. The following steps publish the Recruiter
Financial Report as an XPS fi le.
Click the Recruiter
Financial Report in
the Navigation pane
to select it.
Publish as PDF or
XPS dialog box
Click the ‘PDF or
XPS’ button in the
Export group on
the External Data
tab (see Figure 14
on page AC 221) to
display the Publish
as PDF or XPS
dialog box.
selected fi le
fi le name
button for
additional options
Select your USB drive
as the fi le location.
Make sure that
Recruiter Financial
Report is the fi le
name and that XPS
Document is the fi le
type. If necessary,
remove the check
mark in the ‘Open
fi le after publishing’
check box.
selected fi le type
(XPS Document)
only the option
button for publishing
online and printing
should be selected
Publish button
option button for
publishing online only
Figure 17
Click the ‘Standard (publishing online and printing)’ option button to create a fi le that is
appropriate for both publishing online and printing (Figure 17).
How do I publish as PDF?
Change XPS Document to PDF in the Save as type box.
Viewing or Printing
the Report
To view or print the
report stored in the
XPS fi le, use the XML
Paper Specifi cation
Viewer. If the XML Paper
Specifi cation Viewer is
not installed on your
system, you can obtain
it from Microsoft. If
you are unable to view
or print XPS fi les, you
alternatively can publish
the report as a PDF. To
do so, change the Save as
type from XPS Document
to PDF before clicking the
Publish button.
Click the Publish button to publish the report as an XPS fi le.
Because you will not save the export steps, click the Close button to close the Export - XPS
dialog box.
Using Saved Export Steps
You can use a set of saved Export steps from within Access by clicking the Saved
Exports button on the External Data tab. You then select the set of saved export steps you
want to repeat and click the Run button in the Manage Data Tasks dialog box. If you have
created an Outlook task, you can schedule the export operation just as you can schedule
any other Outlook task.
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