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AC 231
Figure 26
3. Use Customer as the name of the table and Customer Number as the primary key.
4. Save the import steps. Be sure to enter a description for the saved steps.
5. Link the Product worksheet shown in Figure 27 to the database.
Figure 27
6. Rename the linked Product table as Inventory. Then, use the Linked Table Manager to update the
link between the Excel worksheet and the Access table.
7. Import the Sales Rep table from the Ada Beauty Supply database that you modifi ed in In the Lab 3
in Chapter 3 on page AC 201. (If you did not complete this exercise, see your instructor for a copy
of the modifi ed database.) Sales reps of Ada often sell gift items to salons.
8. Change the database properties, as specifi ed by your instructor. Submit the database in the format
specifi ed by your instructor.
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