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AC 232
Access Integration Feature Sharing Data among Applications
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Lab 2: Exporting Data to Other Applications
Problem: JMS TechWizards wants to be able to export some of the data in its Access database to other
applications. JMS wants to export the City-Technician Crosstab query for further processing in Excel.
It also wants to use the Technician table in a Word document as well as e-mail the Salary Report to the
company’s accounting fi rm. The company has decided to branch out and offer consulting services. It wants
to export the Client and Technician tables as a single XML fi le and then import it to a new database.
Instructions: Start Access. Open the JMS TechWizards database that you modifi ed in In the Lab 1 in
Chapter 3 on page AC 199. (If you did not complete this exercise, see your instructor for a copy of the
modifi ed database.) Perform the following tasks:
1. Export the City-Technician Crosstab query to Excel as shown in Figure 28. Save the export steps.
Be sure to include a description.
Figure 28
2. Export the Technician table to a Word document. Do not save the export steps.
3. Publish the Salary Report as an XPS fi le.
4. Export both the Client and Technician tables in XML format. Be sure that both tables are exported
to the same fi le. Do not save the export steps.
5. Create a new database called JMS TechConsultants.
6. Import the Client XML fi le containing both the Client and Technician tables to the JMS
TechConsultants database.
7. Submit the Excel workbook, Word document, XPS fi le, and JMS TechConsultants database in the
format specifi ed by your instructor.
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