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Windows XP Chapter 1 Introduction to Microsoft Windows XP
To Collapse an Area
When a Details area of a window is expanded, a double up arrow is displayed. You can collapse the area by
clicking the double up arrow, as the following step shows.
Click the double up arrow button
in the Details area to collapse the
Details area (Figure 1–27).
Is there another way to collapse
an area?
Yes. You can click the area title to
collapse the area.
Should I keep the areas expanded
or collapsed?
If you need to use the links within
an area, it is handy to keep the area
expanded. The Details area often
is collapsed because the details
information often is not needed.
Details area
is collapsed
hand icon pointing
to double down
arrow button
Figure 1–27
Other Ways
1. Click area title
To Resize a Window
After moving and resizing a window, you may wish to return the window to
approximately its original size. The following steps return the My Documents window
to about its original size.
Position the mouse pointer over the bottom border of the My Documents window border
until the mouse pointer changes to a two-headed arrow.
Drag the bottom border of the My Documents window up until the window is the same
size as shown in Figure 1–21 on page WIN 17 and then release the mouse button.
To Close a Window
After you have completed work in a window, normally you will close the window.
The following step closes the My Documents window.
Click the Close button on the right of the title bar in the My Documents window to close
the My Documents window.
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