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1 Creating and Editing a
What Is Microsoft Offi ce PowerPoint 2007?
Microsoft Offi ce PowerPoint 2007 is a complete presentation graphics program that
allows you to produce professional-looking presentations (Figure 1–1). A PowerPoint
presentation also is called a slide show .
PowerPoint contains several features to simplify creating a slide show. For example,
the results-oriented user interface can boost productivity by making tasks and options
readily accessible. Professionally designed standard layouts help you save time by
formatting and creating content. You then can modify these layouts to create custom slides to fi t
your specifi c needs. To make your presentation more impressive, you can add diagrams,
tables, pictures, video, sound, and animation effects. Additional PowerPoint features
include the following:
Word processing — Create bulleted lists, combine words and images, fi nd and
replace text, and use multiple fonts and type sizes.
Outlining — Develop your presentation using an outline format. You also can
import outlines from Microsoft Word or other word processing programs.
Charting — Create and insert charts into your presentations and then add effects
and chart elements.
Drawing — Form and modify diagrams using shapes such as arcs, arrows, cubes,
rectangles, stars, and triangles. Then apply Quick Styles to customize and add effects.
Arrange these objects by sizing, scaling, and rotating.
Inserting multimedia — Insert artwork and multimedia effects into your slide show.
The Microsoft Clip Organizer contains hundreds of media fi les, including pictures,
photos, sounds, and movies.
Saving to the Web — Save presentations or parts of a presentation in HTML
format so they can be viewed and manipulated using a browser. You can publish your
slide show to the Internet or to an intranet.
E-mailing — Send your entire slide show as an attachment to an e-mail message.
Collaborating — Share your presentation with friends and coworkers. Ask them
to review the slides and then insert comments that offer suggestions to enhance the
Preparing delivery — Rehearse integrating PowerPoint slides into your speech by
setting timings, using presentation tools, showing only selected slides in a presentation,
and packaging the presentation for a CD.
This latest version of PowerPoint has many new features to increase your
productivity. Graphics and other shape effects allow you to add glow, shadowing, 3-D effects,
and other appealing visuals. Typography effects enhance the design’s impact. PowerPoint
themes apply a consistent look to each graphic, font, and table color in an entire
presentation. Digital signatures enable you to verify that no one has altered your presentation
since you created it, and the Document Inspector removes private data, such as comments
and hidden text.
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