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The PowerPoint Window
The PowerPoint window in Figure 1–4 contains placeholders, a mouse pointer, and
a status bar. Other elements that may appear in the window are discussed later in this and
subsequent chapters.
Slides tab
Outline tab
Title Slide
scroll box
Slide pane
splitter bar
scroll bar
scroll arrow
mouse pointer
Normal view is
default view
Previous Slide
total number
of slides
theme identifi er
Notes pane
Next Slide
status bar
Figure 1–4
PLACEHOLDERS Placeholders are boxes with dotted or hatch-marked borders that are
displayed when you create a new slide. All layouts except the Blank slide layout contain
placeholders. Depending on the particular slide layout selected, title and subtitle placeholders are
displayed for the slide title and subtitle; a content text placeholder is displayed for text, art, or
a table, chart, picture, graphic, or movie. The title slide in Figure 1–4 has two text
placeholders where you will type the main heading, or title, of a new slide and the subtitle.
MOUSE POINTER The mouse pointer becomes different shapes depending on the
task you are performing in PowerPoint and the pointer’s location on the screen. The
mouse pointer in Figure 1–4 is the shape of a block arrow.
SCROLL BAR You use the vertical scroll bar to display different slides in the document
window. When you add a second slide to a presentation, this vertical scroll bar appears on
the right side of the Slide pane. On the scroll bar, the position of the scroll box refl ects
the location of the slide in the presentation that is displayed in the document window. A
scroll arrow is located at each end of a scroll bar. To scroll through, or display different
portions of the document in the document window, you can click a scroll arrow or drag
the scroll box to move forward or backward through the presentation.
The Previous Slide button and the Next Slide button appear at the bottom of the vertical
scroll bar. Click one of these buttons to advance through the slides backwards or forwards.
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