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PowerPoint Chapter 1 Creating and Editing a Presentation
You also can add other commands to or delete commands from the Quick Access
Toolbar so that it contains the commands you use most often. As you add commands to
the Quick Access Toolbar, its commands may interfere with the document title on the
title bar. For this reason, PowerPoint provides an option of displaying the Quick Access
Toolbar below the Ribbon (Figure 1–12c).
Quick Access Toolbar
positioned below Ribbon
Figure 1–12(c) Quick Access Toolbar below Ribbon
Each time you start PowerPoint, the Quick Access Toolbar appears the same way it
did the last time you used PowerPoint. The chapters in this topic, however, begin with the
Quick Access Toolbar appearing as it did at the initial installation of the software. If you
are stepping through this chapter on a computer and you want your Quick Access Toolbar
to match the fi gures in this topic, you should reset your Quick Access Toolbar. For more
information about how to reset the Quick Access Toolbar, read Appendix E.
Offi ce Button
While the Ribbon is a control center for creating documents, the Offi ce Button
is a central location for managing and sharing documents. When you click the Offi ce
Button, located in the upper-left corner of the window, PowerPoint displays the Offi ce
Button menu (Figure 1–13). A menu contains a list of commands.
Offi ce
list of recently
created Offi ce
documents will
appear here
Offi ce
Figure 1–13
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