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PowerPoint Chapter 1 Creating and Editing a Presentation
Creating a Title Slide
With the exception of a blank slide and a slide with a picture and caption, PowerPoint
assumes every new slide has a title. Many of PowerPoint’s layouts have both a title text
placeholder and at least one content placeholder. To make creating a presentation easier,
any text you type after a new slide appears becomes title text in the title text placeholder.
The following steps create the title slide for this presentation.
Choose the words for the slide.
No doubt you have heard the phrase, “You get only one chance to make a fi rst impression.”
The same philosophy holds true for a PowerPoint presentation. The title slide gives your
audience an initial sense of what they are about to see and hear. It is, therefore, extremely
important to choose the text for this slide carefully. Avoid stating the obvious in the title.
Instead, create interest and curiosity using key ideas from the presentation.
Some PowerPoint users create the title slide as their last step in the design process so that it
refl ects the tone of the presentation. They begin by planning the fi nal slide in the
presentation so that they know where and how they want to end the slide show. All the slides in the
presentation should work toward meeting this fi nal slide.
To Enter the Presentation Title
As you begin typing text in the title text placeholder, the title text also is displayed in the Slide 1 thumbnail in
the Slides tab. PowerPoint line wraps text that exceeds the width of the placeholder. The presentation title for
Project 1 is A World Beneath the Waves. This title creates interest by introducing the concept of exploring the life
under water. The following step creates the slide show’s title.
Click the label, Click to add title,
located inside the title text
placeholder to select the placeholder
(Figure 1–19).
dashed lines around
border indicate
placeholder is selected
label disappears
when placeholder
is selected
Figure 1–19
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