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Creating a Title Slide PPT 19
Type A World Beneath the
Waves in the title text placeholder.
Do not press the ENTER key
(Figure 1–20).
What if a button with two lines and
two arrows appears on the left side
of the title text placeholder?
The AutoFit button displays because
PowerPoint attempts to reduce the
size of the letters when the title text
does not fi t on a single line. If you are
creating a slide and need to squeeze
an extra line in the text placeholder,
you can click this button to resize the
existing text in the placeholder so the
spillover text will fi t on the slide.
title text entered
in placeholder
subtitle text
placeholder label
Figure 1–20
Correcting a Mistake When Typing
If you type the wrong letter, press the BACKSPACE key to erase all the characters back
to and including the one that is incorrect. If you mistakenly press the ENTER key after
typing the title and the insertion point is on the new line, simply press the BACKSPACE key to
return the insertion point to the right of the letter s in the word Waves.
When you install PowerPoint, the default setting allows you to reverse up to the
last 20 changes by clicking the Undo button on the Quick Access Toolbar. The ScreenTip
that appears when you point to the Undo button changes to indicate the type of change
just made. For example, if you type text in the title text placeholder and then point to the
Undo button, the ScreenTip that appears is Undo Typing. For clarity, when referencing
the Undo button in this project, the name displaying in the ScreenTip is referenced. You
can reapply a change that you reversed with the Undo button by clicking the Redo button
on the Quick Access Toolbar. Clicking the Redo button reverses the last undo action. The
ScreenTip name refl ects the type of reversal last performed.
Subtitle text in the subtitle text placeholder supports the title text. It can appear on
one or more lines in the placeholder. To create more than one subtitle line, you press the
ENTER key after typing some words. PowerPoint creates a new line, which is the second
paragraph in the placeholder. A paragraph is a segment of text with the same format that
begins when you press the ENTER key and ends when you press the ENTER key again. This
new paragraph is the same level as the previous paragraph. A level is a position within a
structure, such as an outline, that indicates the magnitude of importance. PowerPoint allows
for fi ve paragraph levels.
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