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Formatting Characters in a Presentation
PPT 21
Formatting Characters in a Presentation
Recall that each document theme determines the color scheme, font and font size, and
layout of a presentation. You can use a specifi c document theme and then change the
characters’ formats any time before, during, or after you type the text.
Fonts and Font Styles
Characters that appear on the screen are a specifi c shape and size. Examples of
how you can modify the appearance, or format , of these typed characters on the screen
and in print include changing the font, style, size, and color. The font , or typeface,
defi nes the appearance and shape of the letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and symbols.
Style indicates how the characters are formatted. PowerPoint’s text font styles include
regular, italic, bold, and bold italic. Size specifi es the height of the characters and is
gauged by a measurement system that uses points. A point is 1/72 of an inch in height.
Thus, a character with a point size of 36 is 36/72 (or 1/2) of an inch in height. Color
defi nes the hue of the characters.
This presentation uses the Flow document theme, which uses particular font styles
and font sizes. The Flow document theme default title text font is named Calibri. It has
a bold style with no special effects, and its size is 56 point. The Flow document theme
default subtitle text font is Constantia with a font size of 26 point.
Formatting Words
To format one word,
position the insertion
point anywhere in the
word. Then make the
formatting changes you
desire. The entire word
does not need to be
selected for the change
to occur.
To Select a Paragraph
You can use many techniques to format characters. When you want to apply the same formats to multiple
words or paragraphs, it is effi cient to select the desired text and then make the desired changes to all the characters
simultaneously. The fi rst formatting change you will make will apply to the second paragraph of the title slide
subtitle. The following step selects this paragraph.
Triple-click the paragraph, Presented
by Dave Ehlin, SGA President, in the
subtitle text placeholder to select
the paragraph (Figure 1–23).
transparent Mini
toolbar appears
whenever you
select text
Can I select the paragraph using a
technique other than triple-clicking?
Yes. You can move your mouse
pointer to the left of the fi rst
paragraph and then drag it to the
end of the line.
subtitle text
paragraph to
be formatted
is selected
Figure 1–23
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