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PPT 22
PowerPoint Chapter 1 Creating and Editing a Presentation
To Italicize Text
Different font styles often are used on slides to make them more appealing to the reader and to emphasize
particular text. Italic type, used sparingly, draws the readers’ eyes to these characters. The following step adds
emphasis to the second line of the subtitle text by changing regular text to italic text.
With the subtitle text still selected,
click the Italic button on the Mini
toolbar to italicize that text on the slide
and on the slide thumbnail
(Figure 1–24).
If I change my mind and decide
not to italicize the text, how can I
remove this style?
Select the italicized text and then click
the Italic button. As a result, the Italic
button will not be selected, and the
text will not have the italic font style.
Italic button
selected paragraph
has italic font style
Figure 1–24
Other Ways
1. Right-click selected text,
click Font on shortcut
menu, click Italic in Font
style list
2. Click Home tab, click Italic
in Font group
3. Press CTRL + I
To Select Multiple Paragraphs
Each of the subtitle lines is a separate paragraph. As previously discussed, PowerPoint creates a new paragraph
each time you press the ENTER key. To change the character formatting in both paragraphs, it is effi cient to select the
desired text and then make the desired changes to all the characters simultaneously.
The next formatting change you will make will apply to both title slide subtitle paragraphs. The following step
selects the fi rst paragraph so that you can format both paragraphs concurrently.
With the second subtitle text
paragraph selected, press the CTRL key
and then triple-click the fi rst subtitle
text paragraph, Spring Break in Cabo
San Lucas, Mexico, to select both
paragraphs (Figure 1–25).
transparent Mini toolbar
appears when second
paragraph is selected
Can I use a different technique to
select both subtitle text paragraphs?
Yes. Click the placeholder border so
that it appears as a solid line. When
the placeholder is selected in this
manner, formatting changes will
apply to all text in the placeholder.
solid line indicates
both subtitle
text paragraphs
Figure 1–25
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