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PPT 24
PowerPoint Chapter 1 Creating and Editing a Presentation
To Select a Group of Words
PowerPoint designers use many techniques to format characters. To apply the same formats to multiple words
or paragraphs, they select the desired text and then make the desired changes to all the characters simultaneously.
To add emphasis to the vacation destination, you want to increase the font size and change the font style to
bold for the words, Cabo San Lucas. You could perform these actions separately, but it is more effi cient to select this
group of words and then change the font attributes. The following steps select a group of words.
Position the mouse pointer
immediately to the left of the fi rst
character of the text to be selected
(in this case, the C in Cabo)
(Figure 1–28).
mouse pointer
(I-beam) at
beginning of
text to select
Figure 1–28
Drag the mouse pointer through
the last character of the text to be
selected (in this case, the s in Lucas)
(Figure 1–29).
words, Cabo San
Lucas, selected
Figure 1–29
To Increase Font Size
To add emphasis, you increase the font size for Cabo San Lucas. The Increase Font Size button on the Mini
toolbar increases the font size in preset increments. The following step uses this button to increase the font size.
Click the Increase Font Size button
on the Mini toolbar once to increase
the font size of the selected text
from 26 to 28 point (Figure 1–30).
Increase Font Size
button selected
font size of
selected words
Other Ways
1. Click Home tab, click
Increase Font Size
button in Font group
2. Click Home tab, click
Font Size box arrow,
click new font size
3. Press CTRL + SHIFT +>
Bold button
Figure 1–30
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