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Formatting Characters in a Presentation
PPT 25
To Bold Text
Bold characters display somewhat thicker and darker than those that display in a regular font style. Clicking
the Bold button on the Mini toolbar is an effi cient method of bolding text. To add more emphasis to the vacation
destination, you want to bold the words, Cabo San Lucas. The following step bolds this text.
Click the Bold button on the Mini
toolbar to bold the three selected
words (Figure 1–31).
selected words
are bold
Bold button
Other Ways
1. Click Home tab, click
Bold button in Font
2. Press CTRL + B
Figure 1–31
Identify how to format specifi c elements of the text.
Avoid line wraps. Your audience’s eyes want to stop at the end of a line. Thus, you must plan
your words carefully or adjust the font size so that each point displays on only one line.
To Decrease the Title Slide Title Text Font Size
The last word of the title text, Waves, appears on a line by itself. For aesthetic reasons, it is advantageous to
have this word appear with the rest of the title on a single line. One way to fi t text on one line is to decrease the font
size. The process is similar to increasing the font size. Clicking the Decrease Font Size button on the Mini toolbar
decreases the size in preset increments. The following steps decrease the font size from 56 to 48 point.
Select the title slide title text, A
World Beneath the Waves
(Figure 1–32).
default font
size is 56 point
Decrease Font
Size button
title text
Figure 1–32
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