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PowerPoint Chapter 1 Creating and Editing a Presentation
Click the Decrease Font Size
button on the Mini toolbar twice to
decrease the font size from 56 to
48 point (Figure 1–33).
Decrease Font
Size button
font size is
now 48 point
font size of selected
text decreased, so
words appear on
one line
Figure 1–33
Other Ways
1. Click Home tab, click
Decrease Font Size
button in Font group
2. Click Home tab, click
Font Size box arrow,
click new font size
3. Press CTRL+SHIFT+<
Saving the Project
While you are building a presentation, the computer stores it in memory. When you
save a presentation, the computer places it on a storage medium such as a USB fl ash drive,
CD, or hard disk. A saved presentation is referred to as a fi le . A fi le name is the name
assigned to a fi le when it is saved.
It is important to save the presentation frequently for the following reasons:
• The presentation in memory will be lost if the computer is turned off or you lose
electrical power while PowerPoint is open.
• If you run out of time before completing your project, you may fi nish your presentation
at a future time without starting over.
Determine where to save the document.
When saving a document, you must decide which storage medium to use.
• If you always work on the same computer and have no need to transport your projects to
a different location, then your computer’s hard drive will suffi ce as a storage location. It
is a good idea, however, to save a backup copy of your projects on a separate medium in
case the fi le becomes corrupted or the computer’s hard drive fails.
• If you plan to work on your projects in various locations or on multiple computers, then
you should save your projects on a portable medium, such as a USB fl ash drive or CD. The
projects in this topic use a USB fl ash drive, which saves fi les quickly and reliably and can
be reused. CDs are easily portable and serve as good backups for the fi nal versions of
projects because they generally can save fi les only one time.
Saving in a Previous
PowerPoint Format
To ensure that your
presentation will open
in an earlier version
of PowerPoint, you
must save your fi le in
PowerPoint 97–2003
format. Files saved in
this format have the .ppt
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