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Starting an Application Program
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Starting an Application Program
One of the basic tasks you can perform using Windows XP is starting an application
program. A program is a set of computer instructions that carries out a task on the
computer. An application program is a set of specifi c computer instructions that is
designed to allow you to accomplish a particular task. For example, a word processing
program is an application program that allows you to create written documents; a
presentation graphics program is an application program that allows you to create graphic
presentations for display on a computer; and a Web browser program is an application
program that allows you to search for and display Web pages.
The default Web browser program (Internet Explorer) appears in the pinned
items list on the Start menu shown in Figure 1–31. Because the default Web browser is
selected during the installation of the Windows XP operating system, the default Web
browser on your computer may be different. In addition, you can easily select another
Web browser as the default Web browser. Another frequently used Web browser program
is Mozilla Firefox .
Application Programs
Several application
programs (Internet
Explorer, Movie Maker,
Media Player, and
Windows Messenger) are
part of Windows XP. Most
application programs,
such as the Microsoft
Offi ce applications, must
be purchased separately
from Windows XP,
What Is Internet Explorer?
Internet Explorer is a Web browsing program that allows you to search for and
view Web pages, save pages you fi nd for use in the future, maintain a list of the pages you
visit, send and receive e-mail messages, and edit Web pages. The Internet Explorer
application program is included with most Microsoft Windows operating system software and
Microsoft Offi ce software, or you can download it from the Internet.
To Start an Application Using the Start Menu
A common activity performed on a computer is starting an application program to accomplish specifi c tasks.
You can start an application program by using the Start menu. To illustrate the use of the Start menu to start an
application program, the following steps start Internet Explorer using the Internet command on the Start menu.
Display the Start menu (Figure 1–31).
Is Internet Explorer listed on the All
Programs submenu?
Yes. All application programs stored
on the computer are listed on the
All Programs submenu. Internet
Explorer is on the pinned items list
because it is used often, but you can
start Internet Explorer from the All
Program submenu as well.
Internet icon
default Web
items list
Start menu
Figure 1–31
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