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Browsing the World Wide Web WIN 25
The second part of a URL is the domain name. The domain name is the Internet
address of the computer on the Internet where the Web page is located. The domain
name in the URL in Figure 1–33 is
The last part of the domain name (com in Figure 1–33) indicates the type of organization
that owns the Web site. Table 1–1 shows the types of organizations and their extensions.
Table 1–1 Organizations and their Domain Name Extensions
Major network support
Organizations not covered above
The optional third part of a URL is the fi le specifi cation of the Web page. The fi le
specifi cation includes the fi le name and possibly a directory or folder name. This
information is called the path . If no fi le specifi cation of a Web page is specifi ed in the URL, a
default Web page is displayed.
Browsing the World Wide Web
One method to browse the World Wide Web is to fi nd URLs that identify interesting Web
sites in magazines or newspapers, on television, from friends, or even from just browsing
the Web. URLs of well-known companies and organizations usually contain the company’s
name and institution’s name. For example, is the IBM Corporation URL, and is the URL for the University of Michigan.
To Browse the Web by Entering a URL
The SC Site - Shelly Cashman Series Student Resources Web site contains student resources for use with
Shelly Cashman Series textbooks. The URL for this Web page is
When you fi nd the URL of a Web page you want to visit, enter the URL into the Address bar. The following
steps show how to display the Web page from the Shelly Cashman Series. You are not required to provide the leading
http:// protocol when typing the URL. Internet Explorer will insert http:// and assume the www automatically, if
you do not supply it. The following steps browse the Web by entering a URL.
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