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WIN 30
Windows XP Chapter 1 Introduction to Microsoft Windows XP
If necessary, double-click the My
Computer title bar to maximize
the My Computer window.
View menu
Restore Down
button appears
when window
is maximized
If the status bar is not located at
the bottom of the My Computer
window, click View on the menu
bar, and then click Status Bar to
display the status bar (Figure 1–45).
status bar
Figure 1–45
Click the Folders button on the
Standard Buttons toolbar to display
the Folders pane
(Figure 1–46).
Close button in
Folders pane
Folders title
icons appear in
Titles view, grouped
by fi le type
What is the
Folders pane?
The Folders pane
displays the
hierarchy of folders
and drives on your
Desktop folder
is the top level
of the hierarchy
Folders pane
minus sign
indicates folders
and devices
indented below
are found in the
My Computer
objects in
My computer
three groups
of icons
other objects
Is it possible to
display my folders
and drives in the right
pane differently than
what is shown in
Figure 1–46?
You can display fi les
and folders in the right pane in
several different views. Currently,
the drives and folders in the right
pane are displayed in Tiles view
using Large Icons format.
no small
box for
Recycle Bin
plus signs indicate
the associated
drive or folder has
more folders or
devices but they
are not visible
bar separates panes -
drag this bar to change
the size of the panes
Click a plus sign in the Folders
pane and observe the changes in
the window. Then click the minus
sign to return the window to
its previous status. Do the same
thing for another plus sign.
status bar contains
information about
documents, folders,
and programs
right pane contains
four objects
Other Ways
1. Click Start button, right-click
My Computer, click Explore
on shortcut menu
2. Right-click Start button or any
desktop icon, click Explore on
shortcut menu
3. Click Start button, point
to All Programs, point to
Accessories, click Windows
Explorer, click My Computer
4. Press WINDOWS+E
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