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Figure 5-2
Panorama database field names and Caption property settings
current field
field names
without spaces
Caption property
setting with a space
Notice that Lucia removed the spaces from each of the six field names. If the field
names do not contain spaces, why do the column headings in Datasheet view contain
spaces? Lucia set the Caption property for the ContractNum field to Contract Num, and she
set the Caption property for the other five fields in a similar way. The Caption property for
a field specifies its column heading value in datasheets and its label value in forms and
reports. If you don’t set the Caption property, Access uses the field name as the default col-
umn heading name and the default label name. Using the Caption property, you can use
field names without spaces as a standard, while providing the users with more readable
names on their queries, forms, and reports.
Now that you’ve reviewed Lucia’s database changes, you’ll create the queries that
Sarah and Taylor need.
Using a Pattern Match in a Query
You are already familiar with queries that use an exact match or a range of values (for
example, queries that use the >= or < comparison operators) to select records. Access
provides many other operators for creating select queries. These operators let you create
more complicated queries that are difficult or impossible to create with exact match or
range of values selection criteria.
Sarah and Taylor created a list of questions they want to answer using the Panorama
• Which customers have the 616 area code?
• What is the customer information for customers located in Holland, Rockford, or
• What is the customer information for all customers except those located in Holland,
Rockford, or Saugatuck?
• What is the customer and contract information for contracts that have values of less
than $10,000 or that were signed during the winter and are located in Grand Rapids or
East Grand Rapids?
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