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Figure 5-3
Adding the fields for the pattern match query
all tblCustomer table
fields in the design grid
Trouble? If tblCustomer.* appears in the first column’s Field text box, you
dragged the * from the field list instead of the highlighted fields. Press the Delete
key, and then repeat Step 4.
Now you will enter the pattern match condition Like "616*" for the Phone field.
Access will select records with a Phone field value of 616 in positions one through three.
The asterisk wildcard character specifies that any characters can appear in the remaining
positions of the field value.
To specify records that match the specified pattern:
1. Click the Phone Criteria text box, and then type Like "616*" . See Figure 5-4.
Figure 5-4
Record selection based on matching a specific pattern
If you omit the Like opera-
tor, Access automatically
adds it when you run
the query.
pattern match selection criterion
Now you can save the query.
2. Click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar to open the Save As dialog box.
3. Type qry616AreaCode in the Query Name text box, and then press the Enter key.
Access saves the query with the specified name and displays the name on the query tab.
4. In the Results group on the Query Tools Design tab, click the Run button. The
query results display the 24 records with the area code 616 in the Phone field. See
Figure 5-5.
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