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Pasted IIf function for the calculated field
Figure 5-10
calculat ed
field name
pasted IIf function
The expression you will create does not need the leftmost placeholder, <<Expr>>,
so you’ll delete it. You’ll replace the second placeholder (<<expr>>) with the con-
dition using the IsNull function, the third placeholder (<<truepart>>) with the
expression using the & operator, and the fourth placeholder (<<falsepart>>) with
the Company field name.
7. Click <<Expr>> in the expression box, and then press the Delete key to delete the
first placeholder.
8. Click <<expr>> in the expression box, click Inspection in the middle column, click
IsNull in the right column, click the Paste button, click <<varexpr>> in the
expression box, and then type Company . You’ve completed the entry of the condi-
tion in the IIf function. See Figure 5-11.
After entering the condition for the calculated field’s IIf function
Figure 5-11
condition for
the IIf function
Instead of typing the field name of Company in the previous step, you could have
double-clicked Tables in the left column, clicked tblCustomer, and then pasted
Now you’ll replace the fourth placeholder and then the third placeholder.
9. Click <<falsepart>> and then type Company .
10. Click <<truepart>> , and then type LastName & ","&FirstName to finish cre-
ating the calculated field. Be sure you type a space after the comma within the
quotation marks. See Figure 5-12.
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