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Figure 5-12
The completed calculated field
true part expression
false part expression
Sarah wants the query sorted in ascending order by the Customer calculated field.
To sort, save, and run the query:
1. Click the OK button in the Expression Builder dialog box to close it.
2. Click the right side of the Customer Sort text box to display the sort order
options, and then click Ascending . The query will display the records in alphabeti-
cal order based on the Customer field values.
The calculated field name of Customer consists of a single word, so you do not
need to set the Caption property for it. However, you’ll review the properties for
the calculated field by opening the property sheet for it.
3. In the Show/Hide group on the Query Tools Design tab, click the Property Sheet
button. The property sheet opens and displays the properties for the Customer
calculated field. See Figure 5-13.
Figure 5-13
Property sheet for the Customer calculated field
Property Sheet
properties for
the current field
current field
Among the properties for the calculated field, which is the current field, is the
Caption property. Leaving the Caption property set to null means that the column
name for the calculated field in the query recordset will be Customer, which is the
calculated field name. The Property Sheet button is a toggle, so you’ll click it again
to close the property sheet.
4. Click the Property Sheet button to close the property sheet.
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